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How to make your own search bar item
10-13-2011, 02:17 PM,
Thumbs Up  How to make your own search bar item
There are times when we want to use search form of a particular website as a default search. Let's see how we can add our favorite searches to the search bar.

Step 1
[Image: 6240314137_2686cee191.jpg]

Go to the website you wanted to be added into the search bar

Step 2
[Image: 6240314479_67cfd64fba.jpg]

Right click on the search form and select Add to Search bar

Step 3
[Image: 6240314735_5b68bc2f19.jpg]
If you want to customize Name, Icon and Keyword for the address bar entry, do it here. Else simply press OK

Step 4
[Image: 6240315357_55a419d443.jpg]

Your item has been added to the search bar, and you can select it anytime simply by clicking on the current default search button (Usually Google)

Step 5
[Image: 6240315721_5a44475803.jpg]

Now you can type the search text on the address bar and press enter

Step 6

[Image: 6240833154_16ca3402ff.jpg]

Bingo.!!! It searches on the new search form by default.
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