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Introducing Groundspeed by Felipe
10-14-2011, 05:01 AM,
Thumbs Up  Introducing Groundspeed by Felipe
Groundspeed is an extension developed by Felipe

Groundspeed is one of my personal favorite in form manipulation tasks.

Groundspeed is a great tool which helps you to modify the forms and form elements loaded in the page.

Some of interesting things than can be done using Groundspeed are:
  • Changing the types of form fields, for example you can change hidden fields into text fields so you can easily edit their contents.
  • Quickly removing size and length limitations on text fields so you have more space to type your attack strings.
  • Changing form target so the form submits in another tab.
  • Removing or editing the JavaScript event handlers to bypass client side validation.

Now, the most obvious question is why we need another tool when Tamper Data, Firebug or client side proxies like ZAP, AndiParos or Burp can already do the same. You can find answers to this question here and here and that is what makes Groundspeed incredible.

You can access Groundspeed from Tools > Application Auditing > Groundspeed

[Image: 6242866278_61fb66c9c3.jpg]

Groundspeed will show you all the forms in the current page in a well structured manner.

[Image: 6242348817_21415c3294.jpg]

You can select each entries to know more about them and can change the behavior of that particular form field by right clicking on it.

[Image: 6242867370_c46676af6b.jpg]

You can remove limits, modify size and do lots and lots of things with Groundspeed

[Image: 6242868062_faca7a5eb2.jpg]

Groundspeed will help you to experiment with form fields within the browser making manual penetration testing more easier and fun.!!!

Use Mantra forums.
Please do not PM/E-mail me regarding any technical queries straight away.

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