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Introducing HttpFox by Martin Theimer
10-13-2011, 03:13 PM,
Thumbs Up  Introducing HttpFox by Martin Theimer
HttpFox is an HTTP analyzer addon developed by Martin Theimer
You can also call it as a local proxy inside Mantra.

You can access it either from the add-on bar

[Image: 6240438207_22b6b6c722.jpg]

or from Tools > Application Auditing > HttpFox

[Image: 6240441123_f53c099eea.jpg]

It opens within Mantra as default

[Image: 6240438369_dc92a0bda4.jpg]
  • You can use Start, Stop buttons on the top left corner of the HttpFox window to enable and disable capturing of data.
  • The search filed can be used for finding a particular information from the collected data.
  • Headers, Cookies, Query String, POST Data, Content etc. gives further information about the collected data.

[Image: 6240439587_306221deee.jpg]

You can also detach it by clicking on the Detack icon on the top right corner of the HttpFox window.

[Image: 6240957776_2b421d5b0e.jpg]

HttpFox can really come handy in many of the situations to quickly analyze the communications between you and the server.

Enjoy.!!! Smile
Use Mantra forums.
Please do not PM/E-mail me regarding any technical queries straight away.

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