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Introducing Link Sidebar by Varun N
10-14-2011, 04:08 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-14-2011, 05:06 AM by Abhi_M.)
Thumbs Up  Introducing Link Sidebar by Varun N
Link Sidebar is an extension developed by Varun N

This extension displays all hyperlinks in the current web page, including any hyperlinks inside frames along with total number of hyperlinks in the current webpage.

You can access this extension from the sidebar.

[Image: 6242755758_4b11e09c9e.jpg]

Simply click on it and it will start showing the hyperlinks in the current webpage

[Image: 6242226853_0a195910c3.jpg]

Clicking on any of the links opens a new tab ( This behavior can be changed by going to the settings of Link Sidebar) with the new page, and Link Sidebar will start showing links on that new page.

[Image: 6242744934_4295f5a753.jpg]

Link Sidebar displays the title of the link by default, and if you want to see further information like URL, Domain or current status of the link, you can select them from the menu

[Image: 6242229701_682dd4aac0.jpg]

The lock icon on the top will help you to lock the Link Sidebar to a particular page, this way Link Sidebar will keep showing the links of locked page even if you visit other pages. This can be very helpful when you want to go through all the links in a page

[Image: 6242228885_ed487bd3b6.jpg]

As you can clearly see, the Link Sidebar is still showing links from the welcome page of Mantra rather than the links in the forums

[Image: 6242229517_754df2c484.jpg]

You can also use the search filed to search for particular links. The possibilities of Link Sidebar are really more than we discussed above. You can use custom color for links and can configure testing parameters etc. by going through the extensions settings of Link Sidebar.

Happy Hacking.!!!
Use Mantra forums.
Please do not PM/E-mail me regarding any technical queries straight away.

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