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Mantra portable for back track and kali linux?
01-03-2014, 12:48 PM,
Mantra portable for back track and kali linux?
Couple of questions:

1. Where is the OWASP mantra portable version for Linux OS? I tried and I could not find it. Is a portable version available for Linux like OS? Download link? [ this article shows a portable version, but I could not find it anymore]

As of today, the Linux 32 bit version comes with an installer file, I could not find a Portable version of mantra in Linux distros. However, on my windows, when I ran the Owasp Mantra Janus.exe, I have a MantraPortable.exe.

2. Using the "OWASP Mantra-0.92-Linux-x86-Install", I could successful install Mantra on my backtrack, but on Kali Linux, nothing happens. Do you guys support Kali Linux yet?

Help appreciated, Thank you.
01-31-2014, 01:02 AM,
RE: Mantra portable for back track and kali linux?
All our distributions are portable versions of Mantra in an installer dialogue - so that users can select their language of preference.

Backtrack, Kali Linux and Matriux security distributions comes with OWASP Mantra. Please get Mantra from Kali mirrors if your current instance does not have it -

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