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Switching between languages and locales
10-13-2011, 01:33 PM,
Rainbow  Switching between languages and locales
One of the intresting feature of the latest version of OWASP Mantra is the support for more languages. Let's see how you can switch between these languages and locales in a quick and easy manner.

Step 1
[Image: 6240725672_8d568bb69d.jpg]

Goto Tools > Language Switch > Quick Locale Switcher and select the language you wish to see Mantra in.

Step 2
[Image: 6240208475_c693e2fbca.jpg]

Click OK.

Step 3
[Image: 6240208711_33cf3a9b50.jpg]

Accept and continue with restart.

Step 4

Now you have Mantra in your language:

[Image: 6240726406_7677fd71cc.jpg]

[Image: 6240726706_00569ba4b8.jpg]


The language switching function is extremely unstable and you may end up with language switcher not functioning properly. If that occurs, simply disable and enable the Quick Locale Switcher extension

[Image: 6240727074_e212e6e544.jpg]

[Image: 6240209927_c338314291.jpg]

On another note, we are looking forward to see Mantra in more languages just like you do, you can help us in the same. Feel free to contact us.
Use Mantra forums.
Please do not PM/E-mail me regarding any technical queries straight away.

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